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video about Gary’s Vision for April 3rd!

It is 5:23am on April 3rd 2019 as I began writing this blog post.

I have been up all night inspired by Good People Day… I guess I have been inspired the past couple of days because I am finally making an impact with my business. 

So what does today mean to me?

Today means paying-it-forward…

Good People Day means that I won’t be able to see my wife until I make some websites today and that is ok.

Good People Day means that I am inspired to make a sale that helps you with use value for more than it helps me in cash value.

Good People Day means that we are both getting incredible use value from this transaction. If this doesn’t make sense to you, join our FREE Weekly Master Mind Call, more information can be found at thelawofsuccessmastermind.com 

I am so inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s decision to create “Good People Day” back in 2008…

I think that we all know good people, but do we surround ourselves with them?

I love that Gary talks about how we should spend less time with those people that are really unhealthy for us and more time with the people that we want to be like.

I spend my time with people that inspire me.

I spend my time consuming content by the best of the best. Unlike Gary, I actually consume a lot of other people’s content.

I have spent the last decade really trying to decode how to survive and thrive in this life.

I’ve finally cracked the code, the internet is a very powerful tool.

A lot of people call themselves a 23 year old “Life Coach” and don’t have a leg to stand on, then there are other 23 year olds that are beyond gifted because they have been passionately studying Life Coaching for the past 15 years since they were 8 years old.

I would love to say that I’m just a regular guy because that is the humble thing to say, unfortunately that is not the thing that provides the most value.

I have a specific set of skills that not many people have…

I am passionate about a specific set of things that not everyone is…

I love being a Brand Sidekick and that is why I love Good People Day…

Here is me being a good person on Good People Day, I am offering my service insanely underpriced…

My service is regularly $1,000 when other people charge $2,500-$10,000 for a very similar service.

Go to https://squareup.com/store/brandsidekick/item/powered-by-brand-sidekick to get a custom built WordPress website for only $60 today 4-3-2019 ONLY.

So why do people need this service?

Why do people need a website for their brand or business?

Because that is digital real estate. Let that really sink in… Wealth creation has never happened like this.

I am going to help you understand how to make money from your passion using the power of the internet and Apple technology over the next year.

Today ONLY, I am offering a 94% discount and only charging $60.

I am giving away custom built websites for $60 and that includes hosting for the year.

So here is me being a really good person.

Go to https://squareup.com/store/brandsidekick/item/powered-by-brand-sidekick to get a custom built WordPress website for only $60 today 4-3-2019 ONLY.

If you cannot even afford $60 then go to https://www.ionos.com/hosting/wordpress-hosting

Get the package that is $12 for the first year, it includes a domain name. Make sure you use private registration, you don’t want the sales calls of public registration.

Get yourself an account at https://squareup.com

Watch every YouTube video you can about WordPress.

When you can afford it, go to https://wpastra.com and get the pro theme for $59 per year.

And now you are off to the races…

I just taught you how to get a website cheaper than anywhere else, it is a lot of work, but is possible. This is insider knowledge that not many web developers will tell you, so take this information as the value that it is. 

Call me at (517) 803-2722 if you would like the last final secret to really take your site up a notch, I don’t want to give it publicly. I have nothing to gain by giving that value to you for free, but I want to prove that I am the real deal and genuinely a good person. I don’t do this for the money, I do this for the passion.

The alternative is https://wordpress.com and you use their primary domain with a free subdomain. That is the best 100% free way to get started!

You could do it all on your own or you could simply get your “Powered by Brand Sidekick” membership.

I build you a custom website for $60… That’s 94% OFF, a $940 discount… AND it’s hosted for a year.

That also includes a year membership to learn what works and doesn’t work from an alliance of business owners like you.

You cannot find a better value.

I am doing this because I want to inspire you to be a good person and pay-it-forward.

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Thank you,

Anthony Bassett
Brand Sidekick

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WordPress.com is do-it-yourself, this membership includes a custom built site for you to get started.

You won’t find a better value…

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